Yesterdays Tractors : Introduction to Antique Tractors

Written by Audun Holme

The agricultural industry is one of the most profitable industries nowadays. Technological advancement played a great role in the industry’s boom. However, farming equipment and machinery do not come cheap. Luckily, there is a wide variety of yesterdays tractors that is affordable.

What Are Yesterdays Tractors?

One of the basic farming equipment is the tractor. However, brand new tractors are often very expensive. This is why many farmers switch from buying brand new tractors to purchasing Yesterdays Tractors.

For those who are unfamiliar with farming and agriculture, yesterdays tractors may seem like simple and literal words. However, the term Yesterdays Tractors should not be taken literally. The term does not necessarily indicate that the tractors were made yesterday. It is a phrase that is used in order to connote antique tractors. Many are wondering what makes a tractor antique. How does one determine if a tractor is indeed made from “yesterday”? Antique tractors are considered as such when they have existed for several years already. Some yesterdays tractors were manufactured since the 1950s. These farming vehicles may be very old but they are still quite useful as well as beneficial to the owner.

Nowadays, yesterdays tractors hauling and purchasing are rampant. More and more sellers and dealers are trying to sell their tractors for a reasonable amount of money. One of the many reasons why there is an increase in the buying and selling of Yesterdays Tractors is due to its popularity. Many farmers as well as agricultural landowners find them useful and cost-effective. These types of farming equipment are extremely popular due to its many benefits.

Purchasing your very own antique tractor can provide you with convenience, efficiency and financial benefits. It is ideal especially when you are just starting, since it is cheaper than buying a brand new tractor. Purchasing a Yesterdays Tractor can also make farming easier. You can now automate several farming processes instead of performing the labor manually. The convenience you get from a Yesterdays Tractor allows you to be more effective and efficient when it comes to your daily farm duties. Lastly, purchasing an antique tractor can also cut down the cost of your equipment as well as increase your potential earnings.

The Popularity of Yesterdays Tractors

The rise in technological advancements led to the increase in productivity for various industries and sectors. The agricultural industry is one of the many industries that were affected by technology. Machinery and equipment replaced certain manual farming processes. One of them is the tractor. It provided farmers as well as agricultural businesses the opportunity to become more efficient and productive when it comes to tending to their lands.

Purchasing a new tractor is very expensive, which is why more and more people are selling and buying yesterdays tractors. An old tractor allows you to save 90% of the total purchase price of a brand new tractor. Due to their affordability and sentimental value, these farming equipment are gaining popularity today.

Some of the reasons why used farming equipment is so popular nowadays include the following:

  • More people are getting into the farming and agricultural industry. Seventy percent of the world’s population living in rural areas gets their income from farming. It is an industry that has proven to be profitable, since the demand for its produce is growing continuously. Because of the industry’s promising returns, more and more people are shifting their attention to the improvement of their agricultural business. In order to save on equipment costs, agricultural businesses result to purchasing antique tractors.
  • Yesterdays Tractors are more affordable. Some farmers find themselves lucky when the stumble on these tractors for sale. It is a great alternative to purchasing brand new tractors since they are more affordable and easy on the pockets. You get to save more on equipment costs, as you pay less for something that is worth more.
  • They are great investments. Some consider these tractors as great investments since it serves as a farming equipment as well as collector’s item. Its value still has the possibility of appreciating due to its sentimental value and representation in farming history. As long as your tractor is well maintained and restored, its value can still be worth up to six figures. You still sell it at a certain price whenever you want to.
  • They are the perfect alternative to traditional farming methods. As said earlier, the agricultural sector became more productive due to the rise in technology. Yesterdays tractors enabled farmers to eliminate manual labor such as plowing, sowing, harvesting and transporting crops and produce. As a result, they can concentrate on other important aspects of their business.
  • They are versatile. Lastly, used farming equipment, such as Yesterdays Tractors, is popular due to its versatility as well as functionality. There are tractors that serve various purposes such as collecting grass or straw, reap, thresh and winnow, lay fertilizer, lift and dump loads, plant seeds, cultivate lands and more. They can do several farming functions more productively and effectively.

There may be other major reasons why these tractors have a rising demand and popularity. Aside from business and convenient reasons, some people may also have personal as well as sentimental reasons why they prefer buying yesterdays tractors.

The Evolution of Yesterdays Tractors

Yesterdays Tractors have come a long way since their creation. Farming tools and equipment were very basic in the early times. The first farming machines were created during the earlier parts of the 19th century. They were called portable engines, which technically steam engines placed on top of wheels. Farmers used this machine in order to drive mechanical farm machineries through the use of a flexible belt.

The Improvement of the Steam Engine

Richard Trevithick, a British inventor and mining engineer, was responsible for designing the very first semi-portable steam engine in 1812. It was primarily used for driving a machine intended for corn threshing. In 1839, an inventor named William Tuxford was able to create a portable engine that made use of an engine that is built all around a locomotive-like boiler, which includes horizontal smoking tubes. In order to transfer the drive to the driven equipment, he attached and mounted a huge flywheel on the crankshaft.

John Fowler, an English agricultural engineer was known as the pioneer of using steam engines for digging drainage channels as well as ploughing in the 1850s. He made use of a Clayton & Shuttleworth portable engine in order to drive equipment during the first public demonstration of cable haulage to farming and cultivation. His discovery allowed many farmers to decrease their farmland ploughing costs. The invention also helped the drainage system of uncultivated lands in various parts of the globe.

Over the years, many inventors tinkered with the idea of improving farming technologies further. Some were able to develop a portable engine into a traction engine. Traction engines are self-propelled steam engines that are used to move heavy loads on plough grounds and roads. They also provide power to a specified area or location. After several trial and errors of experiments, the first real traction engine was developed in 1859.

A British agricultural steam roller and engine manufacturer named Thomas Aveling turned a Clayton & Shuttleworth portable engine into self-propelled farming machinery. He fitted a long driving chain between the rear axle and crankshaft in order to make some adjustments. The 1960s was considered as the great experimentation period for traction engines. However, a standard traction engine form evolved and continued to change during the following 60 years.

The first tractors were usually plowing engines that were steam-powered. They were used in twos that are placed on both sides of the field in order to haul a plow to and fro between them through a wire cable. These tractors were widely accepted for agricultural purposes.

The Experimentation Period of the Tractors

Due to the constant experimentations with the tractor’s engine, antique tractors steam-powered tractors evolved into gasoline-powered tractors. The first gasoline or petrol-powered tractor was invented in 1892. John Froelich, an American inventor mounted a Van Duzen gasoline engine with a single cylinder on a Robinson engine chassis. This engine was controlled through the inventor’s gear box. He patented the design and set up the Waterloo Gasonline Engine Company. However, the venture went out of business by 1985.

Herbert Akroyd Stuart invented the first tractor that uses oil engines in 1896. In 1901, a British inventor named Dan Albone built the first lightweight general purpose tractor that was petrol-powered and was commercially successful. Charles H. Parr and Charles W. Hart built the first American tractor. They set up their business in 1903 and built a gasoline engine with two cylinders. They built 15 tractors on the same year.

In 1908, the four-wheel design was introduced through the efforts of the Saunderson Tractor and Implementation Co. The company became the largest manufacturer of tractors in Britain. Gasoline-powered engines were unpopular at the beginning. However, they began to gain popularity in the 1910s due to the changes in their size and price.

The Rise in Popularity and the Three-Point Hitch

In 1917, the mass production of tractors began gaining popularity due to the efforts of Henry Ford, an American industrialist. His company, Ford Motors, introduced their first tractor called the Fordson. It was so popular that gasoline-powered internal combustion engine tractors became the standard in the 1920s.

In 1926, Harry Ferguson made history due to his invention of the three-point hitch. It is triangle or A-shaped tractor attachment to ploughs as well as other implements. It was a simple, yet effective way of joining two different bodies in engineering. It soon became the most popular hitch attachment among farmers worldwide.

Ford N-Series Tractors: Changing the Way You See Tractors

Ford N tractor
The Ford N-Series tractors are considered as one of the most important and revolutionary tractors due to several reasons. These reasons include:

  • Three-Point Hitch. This tractor’s three-point hitch made tractor history due to its simple yet effective way of attaching the hitch to various tractor implements.
  • Assembly Line. It was the first tractor series that was built in an assembly line. This enabled tractors to become more affordable due to its low cost production. Each tractor costs below $800, which is considered affordable for many farmers.
  • Composition. Lastly, the 8N tractor’s overall design and composition is durable and worth every penny. Its compact size and three-point hitch are timeless, since most of them are still in great working condition today.

We may not realize it but tractors play a great role in the daily lives of farmers, agricultural businesses and everyone.

Tips on How to Buy the Right Yesterdays Tractor

Before you jump into any decision in buying yesterdays tractors, you should first do your research. You can view several resources such as the Internet, official websites, classified ads, farming or automobile forums, experts and existing owners. These resources are helpful, since you can acquire different opinions and feedbacks about Yesterdays Tractors.

The Internet is filled with a multitude of websites and forums that aim to inform readers about the basics as well as the tips on finding the perfect tractor for you. Conducting your research may be tedious and may take time. However, it is a great way to aid you in your final buying decision. It can help you know which tractor trader is legitimate and reliable. You can protect yourself from being duped into purchasing an antique tractor that costs more than what it should.

Once you have done your research, compare the prices of your chosen antique tractor in order to determine which equipment you should buy. Choose the one that has the cheapest price but is still in great working condition. Comparing prices and tractors can help you eliminate the most expensive ones.

What You Should Look for in a Yesterdays Tractor

Since there is a multitude of antique tractors available in the market today, finding the right one for you may take time. Therefore, you should learn what you should look for in a Yesterdays Tractor in order to speed up your search.

The first thing you should look at is the tractor’s age. It determines if it will be effective for you or not. If the tractor is already used for quite some time, it has a high probability for early wear and time. Check its overall condition. Since these tractors are already used farm equipment, it is ideal to check it meticulously before you purchase it. It is also important to research on the availability of its tractor parts, since maintenance is important when it comes to Yesterdays Tractors. Lastly, review the selling price. Try to haggle and ask for discounts in order to save more money.

Where You Should Purchase Your Own Yesterdays Tractor

Finding a reliable tractor trader may seem difficult and time consuming. However, it is the only way to protect you as well as your investment. You can start your search through the Internet. It is one of the most common places where you can find out where you can purchase your own antique tractor. There are also several forums as well as online classified adds that offer a wide variety of tractors from different manufacturers such as New Holland Agriculture, John Deere, Case IH, Massey Fergusson, Kubota, Challenger and more.

Useful Tips on Restoring Your Purchased Yesterdays Tractor

Keep in mind that Yesterdays Tractors are farming equipment. Just like any other machinery and equipment, antique tractors needs restoration as well as proper maintenance. Going to a mechanic may be costly; therefore, you should assess the tractor before you proceed with the restoration process.

These are some of the questions you need to consider and ask before restoring your tractor:

  • Is the tractor worth restoring? Using it for farming is one of the main reasons why you purchase tractors for sale. There is no point in buying it if you cannot use it for farming. Ask yourself if the tractor is worth restoring before you proceed with the process. Restoring your tractor means that it has a high potential of being an asset to your agricultural business.
  • Are the spare parts readily available? Some antique tractor parts are harder to find than others. Determine if your tractor’s spare parts is always available, since it greatly affects the cost of the restoration process. Some charge more for parts that are hard to find and acquire. It is better to choose a tractor that has a high spare parts availability, since it will help you save more in the long run.
  • Do you have the financial capability? Restoring your Yesterdays Tractor will definitely cost you money. Assess your financial capability and determine if you are ready for it. Do not rush into things since there is money involved. You may find yourself strapped for cash if you push through with the restoration process without fully thinking about it. It is advisable to set a budget in order to avoid spending too much than what it is needed.
  • Do you have the needed tools for restoration? Check your tool shed if you have the necessary tools needed for restoring your tractor. Antique tractors are quite big and heavy, which is why regular tools are not enough. Some of the tools needed include acetylene torch, jack stands, hydraulic press, pullers, large wrenches and more. If you do not have these tools, you can simply rent them instead of buying them for yourself.
  • Do you the needed skills and knowledge? Restoring an equipment or vehicle is a hard task. Therefore, you should have the needed knowledge and experience before embarking on this kind of process. If you feel like you cannot do it on your own, find someone who can help you.

These tips can help you restore your Yesterdays Tractors successfully. In this upcoming article we look closer into restoring tractors

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