Kubota Tractors : Complete list of models

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Kubota tractors come in a number of different sized models and have a range of different engines to fit just about any use. They range from the small BX series right up to the M series, built for serious agricultural uses. The BX series has engines that come in the range of 18 to 25.5 horsepower and they are suitable for mowing, towing and moving materials around.

Next up from the BX is the TLB series that has a slightly higher horsepower range and comes in a number of different configurations for loaders, backhoes and other uses. It is versatile and powerful. The B series is good for construction and home use and it comes with engines ranging from 18 to 32 horsepower. For the serious stuff there is the L series and the M series, available with up to 59 and 103 horsepower respectively. There’s Kubota tractors for any application.

When you are looking for used Kubota tractors, it is important to find out what it has been used for and how it has been cared for. You’ll want to ask if there is a manual that comes with the machine and make sure that the manual is from that particular machine. There are features that the tractor should have like a rollover protective system that is in good shape, seat belts and a PTO system, mandatory in the United States. Most Kubota tractors will have all of this equipment but it is wise to check. You can get more information about how to inspect a used Kubota tractor in the article “buying used Kubota“. Going in to your purchase with as much information as possible will ensure you get a good deal.

When it comes to maintaining your used Kubota tractor, how involved you get can depend on your situation. There are some repairs that will be a little too complicated, and can get expensive especially if you have to purchase special tools for the job. In those cases it might be better to go to a dealership that can service a used Kubota tractor. If you are thinking about doing some of the maintenance yourself, take a look at the “Maintaining used Kubota” article for more information.

Kubota has been around for over a hundred years and for 40 years in the United States. When you buy a used Kubota tractor you are getting a machine from a long line of capable tractors. If you want to read up on the brand, check out the “Kubota history” article to see why Kubota has led the tractor industry for so long.

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