Kubota History : From 19th century to Today

The Kubota name has been around for a very long time.  It first appeared in Japan in 1890 in fact.  The product lineup back then was quite a bit different but the goal has remained pretty much the same all this time; to produce quality machinery for farming and industrial applications.  The initial client base consisted of farms in Japan, but the name got around and so did the reputation.

There are actually a number of different companies that boast the Kubota name.  In the United States, Kubota tractors first came available in 1969, and just three years later Kubota Tractor Corporation was formed and based in Torrance, California.  They made a name for themselves very quickly with the L200 model tractor that was a workhorse at 21 horsepower, and soon the product lineup was expanding with the L, B, BL and the M series tractors.  They all provided the reliability that the company was known for but as time went on they were able to offer machines that could fit a wider variety of applications.

Kubota Manufacturing of American in Gainesville, Georgia is a major builder of Kubota equipment in the United States.  They have a substantial facility there for the manufacture and assembly of Kubota tractors, mowers and backhoes to name a few.  They currently supply over 30% of the machinery to the network of Kubota dealerships in the United States that now numbers over 1000.  They employ over 1200 workers there and demand continues to be strong for these machines.

Not only does Kubota manufacture reliable and efficient machines with the Kubota name, but Kubota Engine of American in Lincolnshire, Illinois produces engines for other makers.  Because the Kubota engines are known to last and run strong, other equipment manufactures want to have Kubota engines as the basis for their machines.  Many purchasers of used Kubota engines not only have one in their lineup, but when they see the performance, they add more and often have an exclusive line-up of Kubota power plants.

Kubota now has a huge lineup of different engines that come in diesel, liquid-cooled turbocharged versions that offer efficiency, reduced emissions and low-noise versions.  Kubota continues to lead the industry, and in fact continues to innovate with their tractors and engines.  They have received numerous awards for manufacturing excellence and recently won the Sankei Newspaper Award for their contribution to environmental protection.  With a history like this, great things can be expected from Kubota tractors and other machines, and whether you purchase a new unit or a used Kubota you can rely on the fact that it is built to perform

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