Yesterdays Tractors : Introduction to Antique Tractors

Case Antique tractor with iron wheel

Written by Audun Holme

The agricultural industry is one of the most profitable industries nowadays. Technological advancement played a great role in the industry’s boom. However, farming equipment and machinery do not come cheap. Luckily, there is a wide variety of yesterdays tractors that is affordable.

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Making this site better

I’m planning a major update for this site with more and better content. Can you give me some ideas about what you want fixed on this site? I welcome ideas to make it better. Please use the contact us page to email me your ideas

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Restoring Tractors

This post will be about how to restore tractors. It will give advice on where to get information, pitfalls, benefit. If you have a special idea we should write about in this article, then please contact us, we really would like to hear from you. You can for example have experience restoring antique tractors and have knowledge you want to share. Please contact us then :)

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Top tips for buying used construction equipment

If you are in construction industry, you need to have quality construction equipment. You can find construction equipment for hire but you may end up paying more than buying your own equipment.  Running a construction business can be difficult especially if do not have essential equipments.  If you are in a start up business or you are already in the business, you can cut the budget of buying new equipment by buying quality used construction equipment. You can get quality used construction equipment at good prices. The price of used construction equipment can be slightly lower than buying new equipment.
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